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Conversion Cylinders

Conversion Cylinders
EMF offers conversion cylinders for the Pietta percussion revolvers from two different manufacturers, Kirst Company, and Howell Old West Conversions, LLC (formerly R & D).  While both companies offer conversion cylinders that enable you to switch your favorite cap & ball replica revolver to cartridge and back, they differ in their methodology.  These conversion cylinders are designed to be used in steel framed revolvers with black powder or equivalent cartridges, "cowboy loads".  Cowboy ammunition must, by SASS (Single Action Shooting Society) definition, be loaded with lead bullets with a low-pressure powder charge that does not exceed 1000 feet per second velocity.

The Howell Old West Conversion Cylinders are available in five or six shot versions.  The cylinder has a back plate that locks in place with the cylinder.  Each chamber has it's own firing pin.  Both the back plate and cylinder rotate together as one unit.

The Kirst Cartridge Konverter is a six shot cylinder that has a stationary back plate with a single firing pin, and a loading gate.  The cylinder rotates into position to index and fire.  While the loading gate makes the cylinder appear more like a cartridge cylinder, some modification to your revolver frame will be needed to use the loading gate to load, or eject spent cases.  Kirst also offers ejector assemblies for use with their cylinders.

While all of these cylinders are designed and marketed by the manufacturers as "drop in" cylinders, there is sometimes a slight variation from frame to frame by the manufacturer of the percussion pistol.  In some cases, the cylinder may need to be "fitted" to the revolver.  Furthermore, Pietta sets the timing on the revolver for use with their percussion cylinder.  When changing from black powder to cartridge ammo, the timing on your revolver may need to be adjusted.  E.M.F. Company, Inc. does not have a manufacturer's license and therefore, is unable to fit these cylinders, modify the revolver's frames, or change the timing on these revolvers from percussion to cartridge.

Use only cowboy ammunition that does not exceed 850 FPS; never use hot or jacketed ammunition.  Cowboy ammunition is produced by most manufacturers.

Converters should never be used in Brass Frame Revolvers.

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