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Blank Ammo for Cartridge Firearms

Blank Ammo for Cartridge Firearms

EMF, Inc. stocks blank ammunition for use in cartridge (live) firearms. We carry a wide variety of calibers. This ammunition is available in packages of 50 rounds. This blank ammunition is not designed nor should it be used in blank firing reproduction firearms. Using this particular blank ammunition will cause a cartridge (live) firearm to fire single-shot only. When using blank ammunition a flash and debris will project from the end of the barrel. The debris can be harmful when shooting out of the end of the barrel. Therefore do not point or shoot directly at anyone in close proximity to the firearm. EMF, Inc. suggests that you TEST FIRE at a target first if using in a theatrical, film, etc., situation to determine extent of discharge. After using blank ammunition in your firearm it must be cleaned thoroughly.

EMF, Inc. does not assume responsibility for any damages to the cartridge firearm, or any resulting injuries resulting from the use of this blank ammunition.

NO REFUNDS: Sorry, but there are no refunds, returns, or replacements for blank firing ammunition.

All ammunition, including blanks, contain explosive gun powder, and therefore cannot be shipped via air or the United States Postal Service.

Postal regulations prohibit ammunition, and carriers like UPS and FedEx will only allow for ammunition to be shipped via Ground services. Blank ammo cannot be shipped via expedited services like Next-Day Air. This means customers buying ammo can expect to be prepared to wait a few extra days for delivery.

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