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"Posse" and "Sheriff" Models


Great Western II Sheriff and Posse Models

This piece, with a distinctively different balance, is Pietta/EMF's historical tribute to the "Sheriff's Model" (aka Shopkeepers Model), which was first made in the 19th century by Colt. By any name, this gun is simply a Great Western II "Californian" without the ejector rod or housing on the shorter barrel, making this an easier-to-carry revolver. The extraction/ejection of spent shell cases can be done with a wood dowel, common lead pencil, or a ball point pen. It is light at the muzzle; therefore, handling must be adjusted accordingly.

Due to customer demand, Pietta/EMF proudly introduced the Great Western II "Posse" model in 2018. Unlike the "Sheriff" model, the Posse has an ejector rod & head. The "Posse" Model has a small cut-around in the ejector housing that allows the ejector rod-head to pivot slightly to the side. This allows the base pin to be removed, without removing the entire assembly.

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