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Customer Testimonials

"Dear U. S. Grant,

I am writing this note to tell you I am a happy, satisfied customer. I just received your 1873 stainless steel .38sp Great Western II and it has the best action of all the other cowboy handguns I have. And the price I saved because of small blemishes that could hardly be seen."
- Luke Tall, SASS #6417

September 2, 2009

"Hi Doc,
I received my Uberti 1875 Outlaw today. The finish is SUPER...It looks GREAT...The rifling are some of the best I have seen. This Uberti is a SUPER made handgun. Thank you for your GREAT help! I will buy again soon."
- Billy Joe Whiten

October 9, 2009

"Dear EMF,

I got my guns this afternoon, and am very pleased with them.

Thank you for an excellent deal ,very friendly and helpful service and quick shipping. Special thanks to Tanya for the exceptional service! Hope to do business again. Thanks!"
- James Burkett

December 16, 2009

Dear EMF,

Received package on time, am very pleased. Thank you for wonderful service, your customer service is wonderful.
- David Hodges 1862 NY Police .36 Cal.

January 2, 2010

Dear EMF,

Thank you for trying so hard to help me with my 1866 Yellowboy problems. I greatly appreciate your efforts. The new 1873 Winchester you helped me get into is terrific. I have been shooting it for a while now and really like it. I will not hesitate to do business with you again. You know how to take care of your customers.
- W. Lannert, St. Peters, MO 63376

March, 17, 2010

Dear EMF,

Just wanted to say thanks to everyone. I received my SS Trapper last night and could not be happier with it. I wish I could send you the picture of it side by side with my pistols. I can't wait to take it to the range this weekend.
- Zack Douglas


March 24, 2010

Dear EMF,


Took my new Alchimista to the range for the first time today and am totally overwhelmed by this gun. This is the best I have shot a handgun in 55 years. Wonderful gun. You have a customer for life.
- Raymond Foster

May 03, 2010

Dear Mr. Davis


I have owned one of your original EMF .45LC SAA tri-color pistols for the past 15 years and it shoots as good as the day I bought it. Recently I decided to purchase another SAA, so I came by and Walt (who was extremely helpful) showed me, at my request, the new Deluxe Photo Engraved 1873 Great Western II, and I was not disappointed, in fact "wow" would  be an understatement, this revolver is absolutely stunning! You have done it once again. Your product is 5 star.

Thank you,


M.R. Ripley

June 14, 2010


Dear Debbie,


Yesterday I came to your facility to look at some of your guns. I am a SASS shooter and of course, you have many offerings for people like me. I was greeted by Mr. Walt Johnson, who proceeded to answer all questions, give me a demo on a firearm that I was looking at, got a catalog for me along with my information and now I just have to decide which EMF product I am going to purchase.

I am writing you because I run a trucking company here in Los Angeles and I wish that I could have the caliber of person that Mr. Johnson is. From start to finish he was absolutely professional, helpful and honest. I cannot say enough good things about my experience with your company as a result of the services of Walt, what a gentleman! I am sure that you must get compliments regarding Walt all of the time. Debbie, I just wanted to make sure and find out who was the boss there so that I could let you know that you have a diamond in Mr. Johnson. I cannot say enough good things about him, I look forward to giving you my money as I know that if your product is half as good as the service that I got then the prices are too low! Again, thank you very much for having people like Walt there, it makes me feel good to know that professional companies that treat me, the customer with respect are still out there.



Steve Koenig

June 17, 2010


Just received the 1860 Army Steel Frame, The workmanship is fantastic! Please send one more. I will save my Colt made gun for display and use my Pietta made for cowboy shooting.

Thank you so much!


Alias Big Tooth George

SASS member 26078

July 15, 2010



Acquired my EMF 44/40 a coupla' weeks ago, and am absolutely delighted. When I picked it up, my dealer showed me a ________ so I could compare. EMF was tight as a drum. EMF sights were better, finish noticeably nicer including the grips, and the action/trigger pull were significantly better. Took the li'l sweetheart to the range with a box of handloaded full tilt blackpowder rounds, and it performed beautifully. I was surprised at the clean crisp trigger action, no factory new trigger is target competition ready, but yours is more predictable out -of-the-box. You can be proud of the product you stand for. Not many people can say that.


Thank you, most sincerely


James Eveland 


August 9, 2010


Brought it home today, look foward to shooting it someday this week! Really makes a good first impression, the action is as smooth "out of the box" as I've ever seen, and the blue and color case finish just looks amazing. The fit of the grips to the frame is on the level with custom ones.

Thanks again for all your help in getting this one to me!



September 27, 2010



Just wanted to say my experience at your facility was top notch. I went in knowing little about SASS and single action revolvers. Walt was kind enough to explain many details and make recommendations on an earlier visit. Today I returned and purchased 2 1873 Californian pistols in .357 mag. He was kind enough to take me down to Cowboys and Indian for the FFL red tape etc. I couldn't be happier. I look forward to doing business in the future.

Thanks again.



Oct. 25, 2010


I just picked up one of your 45LC's. I was really impressed, the trigger and action were great! I can't wait to shoot it next week when I get back.

Sam Glover


Dec. 22, 2010


I use my Californian in Cowboy Action Shooting. It hasn't it failed me once, great gun. I wouldn't trade my Californian for all the other guns at the shoots.

P.S. Besides being extremely reliable it "SHOOTS STRAIGHT!"

John Montesanto


February 10th, 2011

Dear EMF,

Thank you for your prompt service, and repair on the Great Western returned to you. Our customer was very happy and so were we.


Bonnie White

Emmalee's Guns


March 25, 2011

Dear EMF,

I received my Great Western II revolver in .45LC yesterday. the stainless steel finish is beautiful! Special thanks to Becky and I believe it was Shannon for the outstanding customer service! Your products are 5 star and your customer service goes above and beyond! Look forward to more business in the future!

Thank you,

William Willard


March 25, 2011

Dear Becky,

Got the conversion cylinder, it fit perfect, got everything finished and it works perfect!!! It also shoots very accurate, just wanted to drop a line and let you know how pleased I am with your product.

Thank you tons!!!!

Michael J. Wheeler


May 12, 2011


Got your phone message yesterday about the GWII engraved pistols I bought. I'll tell you what I think. Two weeks ago I won the SC State Duelist Championship with them!! Could not be happier....your guys service was great and the guns are exactly as promised.

Thanks so much for everything.....

Jeff "Slippery Stew" Lee


July 17, 2011

I recently puchased a Great Western II Californian model 4 3/4" barrel, and it is the finest SAA that I have ever had the pleasure to own in any cal. It shoots better than the 1950's vintage Colt 45 SAA that I have. At 25 to 30 yards I can consistantly knock down targets and shoot off the tops of pint plastic bottles (the caps). I realize the aiming is me, but the built in accuracy allows me to do my best. I love the gun and plan to get at least one more to go with my SASS gear.



September 7, 2011

Wow Becky,

I completely disassembled the two revolvers that I just received and I was concerned the lessor quality of the finish as compared to my USFAs.

I took them to monthly two day twelve round at ElDorado Cowboys in Boulder City, NV.

I loaded my 44 WCF with 2F Goex Black Powder and dead soft MAV Big Lube bullets sized to .427.

Wow-the function of the reassembled and oiled gun was fantastic!

The grip was the big thing but everything worked and I sprayed flame & smoke. They were very easy to control and since I shoot duelist - this is very important.

I shot twelve stages in blistering heat and I had two clean shoots with 5-10 seconds better than usual USFA times.

Thanks for the guns and keep up the good work.

Box Herder


October 11, 2011

Great Shooter!

I bought myself a 1851 Navy with Sheriff length barrel as my Christmas present to me. I din't get to shoot it for a few months. But once I started I shoot it about once a week, just for fun. Everytime I go to the range the pistol draws a lot of interest and usually a few other people get to shoot it. Last week when I went out, four others besides myself shot at least two chambers. Men and women really enjoy the pistol. Takes a while to load, but the process is part of the fun. It is also very accurate at reasonable rangers.

Billy Rhodes


Dear EMF,

Great Experience!

I received my Great Western II Alchimista revolver in .44/40 yesterday. The fit and finish are fantastic. You can't beat the quality and performance for the price. I especially want to thank the nicest bunch of people; Walt, Debbie, and Becky for their kindness. Walt answered all my questions, and even hand carried my gun to the local dealer for the paper processing.

Thanks much,

Greg Hudson




Having shot and owned 45 Colt Peacemakers and 2 GWII, I cannot imagine a higher quality Colt clone. I can hit anything I want to with them and the balance and fit to my hand is perfect. I can instinct, hip or site and the point of impact on both is within about 0.25 of an inch at 25 yards. Wonderful firearms in my opinion the best values out there in a Colt SAA Clone.

Kirk Morison



Mr. Boyd Davis and EMF Team,

Thanks for the nice Holiday Greetings.

Both my wife and I attended your open house and had a great time. All the Team made us feel at home and answered all our questions in a professional manner. I have been working on my wife on getting her more interested in the shooting sports. The hospitality and friendliness of your Team and the open-house atmosphere really helped. I had an opportunity to talk with Debbie and Shannon on the possibilities of purchasing one of your Pedersoli 1874 Sharps rifles that are currently on order and will follow up first part of January. I have always been happy with the quality of the products purchased from EMF and always received the best of help and service. Keep up the great work.

Jack and Judy Reese


January 9, 2013

Dear Becky,

I've bought some of your products through my local dealer when I use to shoot single action cowboy in SASS and many years prior to that I have bought a couple of items directly from you...but I have to admit that this last purchase was the best thing since sliced bread!! I have just a small bedside Biometric's pistol safe and space was at a premium. These two holders; one for magazines and the other for speed loaders are just what the doctor ordered. My safe is now clean and orderly and nothing is permanently attached. Thanks again for a great product and great customer service.


Kevin D. Williams


April 16, 2013

Dear EMF,

I am once again incredibly thrilled with not only the weapon but the service received. Anyone looking for an excellent weapon would find themselves very happy and pleased with any item from EMF. Mine is a GW II Californian  .45 long caliber and it fires very well as does my original .45 Colt look alike which I purchased over 10 years ago. So do yourself a positive buy.

M.R. Ripley


March 18, 2014


EMF continues to deliver service with an excellent staff. I have been helped by many companies and have been very satisfied, but dealing with EMF is a step above. 


Well Done

Michael Ripley


March 25, 2014

Just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your friendly and timely service. My package arrived this Saturday and I've already cast a few bullets. I am happy with my product and look forward to ordering from EMF in the future.

Thank you

Paul Schofield


April 15, 2014

I just picked up my EMF "Paladin" .45LC and am once again extremely pleased. I have to say that their Western product equals not only style but excellent pricing as well for Cowboy guns. This is my fourth Cowboy type weapon purchased from EMF, and while I have a selection of Cowboy style weapons to choose from other companies I have never been disappointed with EMF never. They will see me again.

Thanks for all your help

Michale Ripley


November 20, 2015

Just wanted to write and let you know how excited I was when I finally received my SASS 1873 from EMF! What a beautiful replica and job EMF did in providing me a very fine firearm that my family and I will enjoy for many years to come! The attention to detail is outstanding and I can't wait to get out to the range to see how well the rifle performs! Thanks again for your correspondence and follow-up with me through the process!

Best Regards,

"Older than dirt Hayter"

SASS #102419


Dec. 14, 2016

Kelly West

About 30 years ago I became interested in Black Powder and Cap and Ball Revolvers especially. The quality of the guns available at that time was horrendous, they were kinda sorta shaped like the originals, and were smooth as washed out gravel roads, I quickly got over my interest... I heard the quality had improved and I decided to see for myself, boy am I glad I did, the originals were not as pretty as this Pietta London Model and the trigger is very nearly as smooth as the Single Action trigger on the S&W N Frame I carry every day. I haven't shot it yet, it was delivered as the snow started falling and it may be Spring before it goes boom, I cannot wait!


October 2017

I admit that first I was a little put off by your call back policy for the shipping cost. But the pleasant voice and helpful service I was provided proved the genius behind the tactic. I love it. Shipping was speedy and my whole purchasing experience was very top drawer. I look forward to my next order and will spread the word of your competent service staff.

Thank you

Gary Dillon


February 20, 2018

I picked-up my first of two alchimista lll dlx pistols today and was very pleased with it. It feels great in my hand and fired real nice. I will start the paper work for second one on mar.12. These two will make a great addition to sass shooting gear. I have also have a pair of your california dlx's I love. Thanks for your fine products


James Barrass