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Trust D-Rust

Trust D-Rust
Deluxe Rust Removal & Chamber Cleaning Kit

Removing corrosion from the interior of your firearm is easy. Trust D-Rust cleaning kit is designed to salvage/repair a firearm where corrosive ammo was used and the gun was not 100% cleaned at the time that it was put away. Corrosive ammo contains mercury & salts which promotes quick corrosion of steel surfaces.

The Trust D-Rust kit will easily clean the following calibers:
.223  30-30  .308  30-06  8mm
  7.62x39  7.62x51  7.62x54r  7.62x63  5.45x39

  • Trust D-Rust removes Rust & Corrosion from ferrous metals.
  • Safe non-toxic, non-flammable formulation.
  • Safe to handle, use & store.
  • Mild odor, ideal for indoor use.
  • Completely organic and biodegradable.
  • Non-polluting.Removes corrosive ammo salts.
  • Environmentally acceptable for easy disposal.

Recommended for those who use Military Ammunition and the Black Powder enthusiast.

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