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"OK but for the Grips"

on 9/22/2016 2:50:06 AM

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Review: I bought a pair of these revolvers in .44 Caliber this winter, consecutively numbered with the "Sheriff" length barrels. The actions were a little gritty, but cleaned up to acceptable levels with a little TLC. The one thing I dislike is the unfaithful rendering of the grips and the grip frames, they aren't even close to being accurate, and fail to conform to the Originals Colts' profile, I will have to adapt 1873 frames and grips as grinding will not be able to accomplish reforming the grips and frames, there just isn't enough material in the upper rear radius of the grips to get them to conform to an accurate rendering of the Colt grips. Other than this problem, I got my money's worth, but I wish that Pietta would do something about the grips especially the ducks tail curve on the bottom rear, and lack of material on the upper rear radius. These revolvers will eventually work out OK, but it is going to take a lot of expense to adapt suitable grips and frames to them. I would have given a 5 star rating if it wasn't for the situation with the grips and frames, I expect to have to clean up the actions on any replica revolver, especially at this price point. The situation with the grips however is unacceptable, any talented child could have done a better job on the contours. A little more work on the hammer face where it strikes the caps and nipples would have resulted in fewer cap jams, but that is easily fixed, and premium nipples also help with these problems, I have had to change all my nipples regardless of the manufacturer of the revolvers in order to deal with this problem, so this is not a major concern for me. De-burring, and squaring up the face of the hammer nose, especially around the notch used to engage the safety pins on the cylinder is easily accomplished and effectively ends the cap fouling of the revolvers when shooting them. When squared up and properly de-burred, the hammer cannot grab the fired cap and drag it off the nipple then drop it between the frame and the hammer if anyone has problems like this, give the revolver a little TLC, it is easily done and ends the problem.

"1851 Navy Sheriff Model"

on 8/9/2016 10:00:28 AM

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Review: I was very happy with the speedy delivery and the quality of this revolver. It is the second handgun I've bought from EMF. But, I do have one complaint, although the fit is excellent, the finish is just a little scratched around the barrel. Looked like someone assembled the gun with dirty gloves (with grit on hands) and left several light scratches in the bluing. I'll just leave these as "character" marks. It also has a fairly decent trigger, which is a big plus in my book. Other than that, I'm very pleased.


on 6/24/2016 10:25:24 AM

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Review: After searching the 'net, EMF had by far the best price for this revolver, almost 35$ less than anyplace else. customer service was excellent, both email and on the phone. All my questions/concerns were taken care of immediately. I received the revolver in 3 days. So far I've put about 200 rounds through it. Tons of fun! I'd not hesitate to do business with EMF again and have already recommended them to some friends.

"1851 Navy sheriff"

on 6/15/2016 4:44:36 PM

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