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Product Reviews

For the product: 1862 DANCE .44 8"

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"Great product and excellent service!"

on 6/8/2021 5:50:49 PM

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Review: I got this because I was drawn to unique style of this revolver. The way it is designed without a recoil shield kind of makes me think of it as a confederate last ditch revolver. As with most cap n ball revolvers, it shoots a little high out of the box. It still is very nice to shoot because the sight picture is the best that I have seen on a replica so far. One product that I recommend to compensate for the lack of a recoil shield is percussion cap keepers. They are available on ebay. What they do is secure the caps better so that you don't have one fall off, resulting in the potential for a chainfire. The customer service at this company is much better than other retailers. The support staff are very friendly and helpful.

"Dance Brothers"

on 1/21/2021 8:43:23 PM

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Review: Beautiful casecolor! Tight lock up. Great revolver. The people at EMF are great to deal with. Highly recommended 🙂

"EMF 1862 Dance Revolver"

on 10/20/2019 2:24:57 AM

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Review: The revolver is excellent copy. The bluing and case color are first class. Dealing with EMF was outstanding. I got a follow up phone call, to verify who I was. At that point I was told how much shipping was by their sales representative. Shortly after speaking with I got a email confirmed delivery and a package routing number. I can say I will be planning another purchase in the near future.

"Another beautiful revolver"

on 1/14/2019 4:40:24 PM

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Review: Once again I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a beautiful replica of a very rare gun. Fit and finish was perfect as was the lockup and timing. You know it really does payoff to buy EMF in my experience as recently I just purchased a Uberti revolver from Midway USA that was timed so poorly that the cylinder would not line up with the barrel when the trigger was pulled back all the way. Midway does not inspect their guns prior to shipping and they do not accept returns. I am now in the process of sending a brand new gun to Uberti for repair that I just received yesterday. Needless to say that will be my last MidwayUSA purchase, live and learn reality. The lesson here is, if your buying mail order and can't hold the gun and check it out for yourself don't buy from a company that does not check it out for you. Especially when they will not accept firearm returns, even if it is a factory defect. When I buy Pietta I always have peace of mind with EMF and will continue to buy here.