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Quick Draw Targeting System

Quick Draw Targeting System

The Quick Draw Targeting System is designed to allow shooters to practice Cowboy Quick Draw indoors without noise or the smoke and odor of spent primers.  This system has two major components: the target/display unit and the Single Action Revolver Conversion Kit.  With the conversion kit installed, the revolver "fires" a very brief pulse of light whenever the hammer falls.  The target/display unit detects this pulse and then displays  the shooter's time.  This system does NOT use lasers and is completely eye-safe.

The target/display unit, as the name implies, is both a target and a timer for a single user.  It has two LED stage-draw indicators, a receiver to detect the incoming pulse of light, and a 4-digit LED display of the shooter's time, all in one small enclosure.  It can detect the incoming light pulse from 20 feet away, and is powered by a plug-in AC adapter.  Even thought the target is small, the light pulse is just wide enough so that the accuracy required to hit the target is comparable to that required to hit a 24" target with wax bullets.

The Single Action Revolver Conversion Kits are designed for each specific manufacturer of revolver and each caliber.  These kits consist of a replacement cylinder, a battery and an insertion/extraction tool.  The cylinder contains the circuitry to sense the fall of the hammer and to generate the pulse of light.  The replacement cylinder weights about 2 oz. less than the regular cylinder.  The conversion is not permanent; the original cylinder can be re-inserted whenever desired.

Single Action Revolver conversion kits are currently available for the following manufacturers and models: Pietta (Californian) / Colt, Ruger (Vaquero), and Beretta (Stampede) at the present time.

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